Investment Options

When money is deposited in YOUR HSA account there is only one account handled as follows:saving money

  • The first $500 is treated as a cash account.  This does not accrue interest and is insured by the FDIC
  • Anything over $500 accrues interest and is insured by the FDIC.  Your interest amount increases as the balance in your account increases.
  • Once your balance exceeds $1,000 you will have the option to move your money into multiple mutual fund investment options. 

Our Investment Program offers qualified account holders a diverse range of investment alternatives to choose from, along with four professionally managed model portfolios that support varied investment objectives and risk tolerance. This investment program is intended for long-term investments only and not intended for short-term cash availability.

Why Should I Invest?

 All contributions and earnings on your HSA are tax-free unless you withdraw money for non-medical reasons.

  • Your account is portable and will always be yours, even if you change jobs.  There is no use-it-or-lose it rule.
  • You can change the amount you want to invest whenever you want and withdraw it from investments as medical needs arise.
  • You can pick from four different investment models or create your own portfolio from many different options.

What Are My Choices?

There are four fund groups you can choose from including a:

  • Conservative Growth Portfolio
  • Balanced Growth Portfolio
  • Moderate Growth Portfolio
  • Aggressive Growth Portfolio

In addition, there are multiple other investment options.

Please click on the link below to see a list of all of your available funds along with their Fund Fact Sheets and their Fund Prospectus.

More Info on our Four Fund Groups  

More info on our other Investment Options