YourFlex HSA Fee Schedule

It's easy to get started.   Below is a summary of our fees.

Pick who you are to get started:

  • An INDIVIDUAL - an individual who is wants to own their own HSA
  • An EMPLOYER - an employer who wants to set up a group plan through YourFlex and offer HSA deductions for their employees
  • An EMPLOYEE - an employee of an employer/group who offers HSA deductions and has chosen YourFlex as your administrator.  Your employer has already applied and given you an Employer Code.

    Fee Description Amount
    Initial Set-up Fee (Individuals Only) $10
    Annual Fee Including Debit Card is Either:  
         Individual, or $48
         Employer Paid $42
    Investment Fee               $1.50/month
    Other Fees - Case By Case Basis  
    Transfer to another custodian $25
    Returned Deposit Item $15
    Debit Card Reissue Fee $5
    Close Account Fee $25 
    Copy of IRS 1099 or 5498 $5
    Corrected IRS Filing Fee (Non-Banking Error) $10


    Included WITH your account at NO EXTRA CHARGE is:

    -       Online account access
    Online monthly statements – savings and investments
    EFT transfers to and from your checking account upon request
    Annual statements by mail
    Form 1099-SA and 5498-SA by mail and accessible online
    Most of all - Top-notch customer account representatives you can talk to about your account during normal business hours

    Return Policy:
    Upon payment of any fee, you have three business days to contact Benefit Solutions about changes or refunds.

    Once your annual fee is received and application is completed, your account will be opened effective the first of the following month.  Your annual fee will cover 12 months of account administration.  IF you decide to close your account during that 12 month period, simply fax or email us a written request to close your account. Such request should include your account number, full name, address and your signature.  However, partial refunds will not be given for any remaining time period.

    If you are an individual account holder (not an employer or employee) we will email you a renewal notice three months before your account renews.  You will then have an opportunity to pay your annual renewal fee for the next year on this website with a credit card or mail us a check.   It is very important that you keep the email address on your account current to ensure you receive our reminder emails.  If we do not receive that payment by the end of the current 12 month service period, your account will be closed automatically and any remaining balance will be mailed to you via check.