About Us

YourFlex is ownabout used by Benefit Solutions, Inc., a plan sponsor for Health Savings Accounts. They also administer Flexible Spending Accounts, COBRA and Health Reimbursement Accounts for companies all over the U.S. Because we administer more than just Health Savings Accounts, we are the perfect partner for companies that want to offer more than one pre-tax option and want them coordinated and all accessible through one easy-to-use website login. 

Founded in 1998 by a CPA, our focus has been on how to best provide high quality tax saving options to employers, employees and individuals. 

Health Savings Accounts, though somewhat new, are being looked at by more and more people as a great option to reduce insurance premiums and self-insure for a portion of your medical costs.  We can give you ideas on how they can work together. 

The rules regarding who can participate and how much they can participate are many but we try to make sure its easy to learn and help you decide whether a Health Savings Account is right for you.

The process of establishing and maintaining a Health Savings Account is easier with an experienced administrator.

  • YourFlex HSA Services is an independent administrator with a respected record in successful HSA management. 
  • We administer accounts for both individuals and employers who would like to facilitate contributions for their employees.
  • Using YourFlex HSA Services allows employers to change insurance plan providers any time they want without employees having to move their HSA deposits and investments.
  • We can help you determine if a health insurance plan is HSA-compatible before, not after, start-up.

  • We can help you determine if a health insurance plan is HSA-compatible before, not after, start-up.
Benefit Solutions will monitor accounts to reduce the risk of an over-contribution.                    

  • YourFlex HSA Services offers one comprehensive program that includes a debit card on every account, interest on any balances exceeding $500 and investment options for any balances of $1000 or more.   
  • YourFlex.com offers online access to your HSA account transactions, including an electronic “shoebox” where receipts can be maintained for reimbursements later.
  • YourFlex uses National Advisors Trust as the custodian for their accounts, a well known force in the HSA market.  They make sure your money is safe.  Balances in these accounts are insured by the FDIC up to specified FDIC limitations.

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